Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Too busy sailing to post

Well since I have had the boat in the water I have been sailing it a lot. Here are a few pics a crew member took on our way to and from a race.


  1. Brad, can you comment on her pointing ability? Am considering a Rodgers 24 for racing but am concerned she won't point well with the relatively small centerboard. Thanks, Dan

  2. She actually points pretty well. If you sail you know this depends on which head sail you are using and the conditions. This boat excels in light wind and can be almost competitive with J24. Where is the one you are looking at. I have only located 3 others in the USA.

  3. The one I was thinking of is on craigslist in VA. I've owned an Olson 25 and a couple other racing boats. I understand the R24 rates 189 and J24 174 (at least around here). If she can pace the J, you're doing well. Glad to hear about the point ability. How is she off the wind? Thanks again,


  4. Really fast, this boat sails like a dinghy actually. Very responsive and heels with little wind. I am eliminating the tuff luff this week and going to hank on. Is that one in VA still for sale? i saw it a long time ago. Yes if you fly spinnaker, keep the bottom clean, have new sails and experienced crew you can be competitive against J24. I do some informal racing here locally that is J24 fleet stuff and they let me join. This boat is a lake/river boat not for the ocean. BTW it is about 1000lbs lighter than the J and you can raise the swing keel ddw. Strength versus weakness against J I think is heavy wind the J is better, this may just be my novice boat handling skills. If you are serious about an O.H. Rodgers I would consider sellin mine since I want a bigger boat. email me if interested.

  5. Hi b
    I just purchased a Captiva 240. Yours came with carpet on the walls? Did you strip that off?
    Where did you get the mohair roller? Doing the bottom also.

  6. Captiva is a O.H. Rodgers mold with a fixed keel I believe. Mine had no carpet. From what I understand Captive made the boat more of a camper and the Rodgers is more of a true racer. No dinette, no carpet, lines led aft, etc. I purchased my rollers from Sherwin Williams paint stores here in town. West Marine has them but the price is more. As my blog shows I did quite a bit of botom work.

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