Monday, June 8, 2009

Sanding off the Bottom

Few pix of the bottom being sanded off by the rare do not see these often!!!

Rodgers Logo

Just thought I might need to reproduce this so I took a pic. This is by far one of the coolest sailing logos as the "R" for Rodgers (The maker), is also a sailboat. Cool huh!!

Hull to Deck Seal Prep Work

So the deck is mostly ready and I decided it was time to start the hull to deck seal. This is where they meet as they are manufactured as two separate pieces and popped out of a mold. I hado to scrape teh seal to break the initial seal, punch through with a thin narrow metal putty knife, try to use a 6 in one tool that I ground down to fit between the hull and the deck till I parted it. Then I would shim it slowle as to not crack the fiberglass and then I would thouroughly scrape the old sealant off the pieces. Then I used a drill with a small flap, sanding wheel (80 grit) and vacumed all of teh old seal.