Thursday, January 1, 2009

Stripping the boat

Just working on getting it stripped to sand and fill, and caulk, and sand and paint and sand....and a lot more sanding.

Maiden Voyage

Okay now when we look out the bedroom window we see a big boat. We picked her up last weekend. Joe, Kat and myself motored around dragon point and into the river. We sailed for about 3 hours and had a blast. That is one fast boat. Here are a few pics of that day. The boat went on the trailed fairly easy but getting the mast down was not quite as easy. Thanks to a fellow sailer (sailing a Catalina 22 named Godspeed) who was experienced at dropping the stick we got it down and on top of the boat. Many thanks to all who were on stand by to lend a helping hand and especially to Kat and Joe the gnome.