Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Poxification of Four Winds

The barrier coat is now going on correctly. After using a foam roller and realizing I had screwed up I am back on course. After the first two coast with the foam it was runny and gloppy and not bridging some small pin holes and crevices. I went back and filled the holes with spot glazing putty then sanded the entire bottom again with a random orbital and 80grit paper. Hosed it off, blew it off, taped it off then went around two times each with acetone (me and Joe), then applied barrier using the mohair roller. WOW, having the right tool! The coatings are now flowing properly and also evening out the rough spots. Three more coats of barrier and then we begin bottom paint. I am hoping to finish the barrier next week and hopefully get the bottom paint on! I know these pics do not show much but the shiny look is the barrier coat!

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