Sunday, December 13, 2009

Deck is almost done....

Well it is starting to look like a sail boat more and more. Thanks to Joe helping many hours we have most of the hardware back on the deck. The rub rail is on as well. Port side took 5.5 hours but we did the starboard side in about 3.5. We got the winches on as well. I really like to the look without the life lines and I am considering leaving them off. The only things left to do on the deck are the life lines, bow pulpit, bow light, front plate for where the fore stay attaches, and the pieces that route the dock lines. There are some good before/after pics if you look at some of the earlier pics of the progression. Hoping to be in the water by mid January 2010 as I think I will not make my previous deadline of December 25th.


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  2. Looks good. Were able to reuse the rub rails or did you have to buy replacements? Mine were cracked and broken so I'd be interested if you know where to buy them.

  3. I had to buy new. I got it from a local boat parts supplier but it was hard to find. Had it in two days.