Monday, June 8, 2009

Hull to Deck Seal Prep Work

So the deck is mostly ready and I decided it was time to start the hull to deck seal. This is where they meet as they are manufactured as two separate pieces and popped out of a mold. I hado to scrape teh seal to break the initial seal, punch through with a thin narrow metal putty knife, try to use a 6 in one tool that I ground down to fit between the hull and the deck till I parted it. Then I would shim it slowle as to not crack the fiberglass and then I would thouroughly scrape the old sealant off the pieces. Then I used a drill with a small flap, sanding wheel (80 grit) and vacumed all of teh old seal.


  1. How did you determine that is was necessary to pop and rebed the deck? I'm also restoring a Rodgers 24 and am wondering if I need to consider that as well.

  2. Due to the leaks and condition of the boat. It is a huge undetaking. I am plannig on re-sealing it this weekend. where are you located?